Clarus is unique in its ability to adapt to limitless situations, scenarios, and equipment that may require our services.  Our facilities are capable of securing or fabricating custom connections while our people are capable of generating customized proceedures or adapting our long list of established proceedures.

Our Naval-Marine capablities include, but are not limited to:

Surface Ship Services

  • MPDE Lube-Oil System & Engine Flush
  • MPDE Jacket Water System Flush
  • SSDG L/O System & Engine Flush
  • SSDG Jacket Water System Flush
  • Cooer/Heat Exchanger Chemical Flush (in-place and off-site)
  • EDG L/O System& Engine Flush
  • CPP/CRP Hydraulic System Flush
  • MRG L/O System Flush
  • MRG System DI Water Wash (salt water contamination/corrosion)
  • Steering Gear Hydraulic System Flush
  • Fin Stabilizer Hydraulic System Flush
  • Weapons Elevator Hydraulic System Flush
  • Anchor Windlass Hydraulic System Flush
  • Deck Crane/Boat Davit Hydraulic System Flush
  • EDG Jacket Water System Flush
  • ACE Hydraulic System Flush
  • SSTG L/O System Flush
  • Propulsion Turbine L/O System Flush
  • Arresting Gear Hydraulic System Flush
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • ECW Systems Chemical Flush
  • Stern Gate Hydraulic Systems Flush

Submarine Services
SSN 688 Los Angeles Class - SSN 21 Sea Wolf Class - SSN 774 Virginia Class - SSBN - SSGN

  • EDG High Rate Chemical Flush of Diesel Fresh Water Systems
  • Internal Hydraulics Systems Flush
  • External Hydraulics Systems Flush
  • EDG L/O System & Engine Flush
  • MRG L/O System Flush
  • HP/LP/Breather Air Systems Flush
  • Electronics Cooling Water Systems Flush
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter/Fill/Replacement
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Oil Analysis

If your application is not listed here; do not hesitate to contact us to explore what solutions we may be able to offer your individual needs.